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Yacht Clubs & Marinas Local, Hudson River, Bay & Flag Exchange
Ashtabula Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Beacon Harbor (Beacon Sloop Club) 12-05-2014
Catskill Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Certified Marine Service, Inc. on Rondout 12-05-2014
Chelsea Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Cold Spring Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Corinthian Yacht Club of Cape May burgee 12-05-2014
Front Street Marina 12-05-2014
Garrison Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Half Moon Bay Marina burgee 12-05-2014
Haverstraw Marina 12-05-2014
Hook Mountain Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Hudson Cove Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Hyde Park Marina 12-05-20144
Keyport Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Lagoon View Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Liberty Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club logo 12-05-2014
Mount Sinai Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Newburgh Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
New Hamburg Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
New Ulster Marine 12-05-2014
Nyack Boat Club burgee 12-05-2014
Ossining Boat and Canoe Club burgee 12-05-2014
PennyBridge Marina logo 12-05-2014
Pirate Canoe Club patch 12-05-2014
Poughkeepsie Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Raritan Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Ravena Coeymans Yacht Club burgee Hosts MHCYC 12-05-2014
Rogers Point Boating Association 12-05-20147
Rondout Bay Cafe and Marina burgee 12-05-2014
Rondout Yacht Basin burgee 12-05-2014
Royal Cork Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Schenectady Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Shattemuc Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Seal Beach Yacht Club burgee Is this the right one? 12-05-2014
Stuyvesant Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Troy Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014
Washington Irving Boat Club burgee River Cam 12-05-2014
West Shore Marine 12-05-2014
West Point Yacht Club burgee 12-05-2014

Weather & Tides

NOAA National Weather Service, Marine info 12-05-2014
US Geological Survey/Water Streamflow, water quality, ... 12-05-2014
Tide Information NOAA actual vs. predicted for Battery, NYC
USGS actual tide below Po'k
Intellicast in Poughkeepsie, NY 12-05-2014
Times of Sunrise & Sunset (Moon Phases) U.S. Naval Observatory 12-05-2014

Boating Organizations

Boating Safety (Seatow Foundation) 12-05-2014
Hudson River Boat & Yacht Club Association logo 12-05-2014
Hudson River Fisherman's Association 12-05-2014
Hudson River Maritime Museum on Rondout in Kingston 12-05-2014
Hudson River Sloop Clearwater 12-05-2014
Mid-Hudson Power Squadron logo 12-05-2014
South Street Seaport Museum 12-05-2014
US Coast Guard 12-05-2014
US Coast Guard Auxiliary 12-05-2014
US Power Squadron logo 12-05-2014
Water Front Museum 12-05-2014

Boat Services, Catalogs & Stores

Boat U.S 12-05-2014
Defenders 12-05-2014
Freeport Marine 12-05-2014
Precision Propeller Repair 12-05-2014
Sea Tow 12-05-2014
The ShipStore.Com, Inc. 12-05-2014
West Marine Products 12-05-2014


Boating on the Hudson 12-05-2014
Boating World 12-05-2014
The Guide to Sailing and Cruising Stories (CruiseNews.Net) 12-05-2014
Good Old Boat Sailboats 12-05-2014
Soundings 12-05-2014
Yachting Magazine 12-05-2014

Buy/Sell Information Sites

N.A.D.A. Appraisal Guides 12-05-2014
Marine Survey Online also good for maintenance 12-05-2014
Don Robertson's Marine Marketplace 12-05-2014
Boat Trader Online Excellent 12-05-2014
Marine Source 12-05-20149
American Boating Listing 12-05-2014 12-05-2014 12-05-2014
Trade-A-Yacht Marinas 12-05-2014
The Salty Dog Used Boats error 12-05-2014 find a boat.sell a boat 12-05-2014

Marina / Yacht Club Search Sites

www.Marinas.Com banner Nice M. Flash pictures of us 12-05-2014
Online Yacht Club 12-05-2014
Boating on the WEB 12-05-2014
Yachting Club of America Nat'l Association of Yachtsmen and Yacht Clubs 12-05-2014

General Sailing Links

The Sailing Source 12-05-2014
America's Cup 12-05-2014
Sailing Page 12-05-2014
International Sailing Federation
SailingLinks 12-05-2014

Power Related Links

Good source of Power Boat Manufacturer's Links 12-05-2014
Basic Power 12-05-2014
Power Cruising 12-05-2014
Marine 12-05-2014
Boat Owners World Great Links for all Boat related 12-05-2014
Boating Great Links for all Boat related 12-05-2014
T.C.Electronics/Marine Manufactures aftermarket OMC boat parts 12-05-2014

General Boating Related Links

Play Action Products Deep Sea Fishing Products 12-05-2014
National Trust's Maritime Preservation Links 12-05-2014
THAI TEAK MARINE CO.LTD logo 12-05-2014
R. Daines Home Page Good source for Block Island, Mystic Seaport Information may be old or under construction 12-05-2014
Commodore Insignia 12-05-2014
Boat Tour (Boat Shows Around the World) 12-05-2014
Burgees from around the World 12-05-2014
Hudson Valley Bassmaster Inc. 12-05-2014
Save the Esopus Lighthouse Commission drawing with phrase 12-05-2014
US Army Corps. of Engineers 12-05-2014

Miscellaneous Local Links

Town of Marlborough Local Community Information 12-05-2014
Info - Resource Hudson River Valley 12-05-2014
Downtown Rondout, Kingston, NY 12-05-2014
Marlboro, NY City Data (with Maps) 12-05-2014
Meet me in Marlborough 12-05-2014
Marlboro & Milton NY Town Government 12-05-2014
Weed Orchards 12-05-2014
Benmarl Winery 12-05-2014
Glorie Farm Winery 12-05-2014
Stoutridge Vineyard 12-05-2014
Hudson Valley Tourism 12-05-2014
Buttermilk Falls Inn & Spa 12-05-2014
Live at the Falcon Entertainment at top of Dock Road 12-05-2014
Ulster County Planning Department 12-05-2014
Ulster County Tourism 12-05-2014
Marlborough Historical Society Unknow 12-05-2014
The Times Herald Record Local Newspaper 12-05-2014
Wallkill Rod and Gun Club 12-05-2014
Omnis Network Web Hosting If you are seeing this page, Omnis is up 12-04-2014