History of the Marlboro Yacht Club

MYC was formed in 1941. Some of our starting members are Francis Johnston, Harry Lyons Sr., Johnny Lynn, Leonard Schreiber, Carl Rodes, Harry Limes, Christy Tuthills, John Manion, Charlie Dayton, Jimmie Palridge, Alton Sarles, Mike Catila, Dewitt Quick.
Other members who joined in those early years were Frank DeGeorge, Sam Quimby, and Bart Presler.

At one time, during the early fifties, MYC was quite famous for hosting local outboard motor races. They would draw crowds numbering between 2000 and 3000.

The location of the Yacht Club was moved, in the fall of 1955, from the southern end of the area, (presently West Shore Marine) to its present location.

We are a "working" club with no paid employees. The present club house was built in 1992.

Past Commodores

1941-49 Harry Lyons Sr., 
Francis Johnston, Esmond Sarles
1950-1955  John Lynn 
1956-1959 John Ronk 1960-1961 Merwyn Maharay
1962-1963  Harry Lyons 1964-1967 Oliver Cosman
1968-1970 Thomas Hickey 1971 John Ronk
1972-1974 Joe Primavera 1975 John Ronk
1976-1977 Sam Quimby 1978-1979 John Bull
1980 William Holik 1981 John Bull
1982 Dale Newhart 1983 John Milici
1984 Joe Primavera 1985-1986 John Bull
1987-1988 Herb Silcox 1989-1990 Paul Baymore
1991 Ron Colandrea 1992-1994 Sam Quimby
1995  Bill Fox 1996-2001 Ron Tomlins
2002-2003 George Carl 2004-2005 Neal Wyckoff
2006 Paul Baymore 2007 George Carl
2008-2010 Art Valenza 2011-2012 Blair Southwell
2013- Darren McCurry


1941 Marlboro Yacht Club Founded
1948 World-Wide Event, Albany to NYC, MYC Only Gas Stop
Early Fifties Out Board Motor Races
1955 Club Moved to Present Location
1955 Marlboro Yacht Club Incorporated
1968? Installed Marina
1979? Moved the Club house from the second story of a field office and attached it to the Restaurant/Bar. The crawl space still has ceiling tiles.
1984 Painted sign for MYC Thom Donovan's 1984 sign displayed at our entrance until 2009
1988 Re-worked Ramp.
1986-1990 Rebuilt Sea Wall
1989 Started installation of Back Marina
1990 Completed installation (north end) of Back Marina
1990 Installed Travel Lift Pit
1990 Approved new clubhouse construction
1990 Updated fuel pump & replaced tank with above ground unit
1990 Knocked down Barn (Unfinished Motor Sailing Boat had been previously sold and removed)
1991 Started construction on new clubhouse
1991 Moved Club House next to wall behind bathroom. Converted to Tool Shed
1991 Knocked down Restaurant/Bar
1992 New Club House Built
1993 Outside bathrooms converted to Garage
199? Knocked down Old Scale House
August 13,1994 New Building Dedicated
1996 Added Pump Out
February 11,1998 MYC Web Page Started
November 2001 New All Metal Sea Wall built in front of Wooden Sea Wall.
May 2004 Flag Pole Installed
May 2008 Added WiFi

Frank, Leonard, Bard, Bob, Sam, and BillSome of our Original members
being honored for the years at the MYC.
(from left to Right)
Frank DeGeorge
Leonard  Schreiber
Bard Presler
Bob Sadler
Sam Quimby
Bill Lyons